About the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

Fun facts about the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye.

Fun Facts About the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

  • The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is the tallest observational wheel on the United States East Coast
  • Each of the 30 capsules weigh 6,600 pounds, or the average weight of an Indian elephant
  • The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye weighs approximately three million pounds, that is 1,500 tons or equivalent to 300 school buses
  • The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is 400 feet tall
  • The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye is made up of components produced all over the world
    • The glass covering the capsules was crafted in Turkey
    • The capsules were assembled in Hungary and shipped to Florida from Northern Germany
    • Switzerland-based Intamin designed and manufactured the wheel

History of the Ferris Wheel

  • A ferris wheel is an amusement park ride consisting of a large vertical wheel with places for people to sit or stand spaced evenly around the outer circumference. 
  • The Ferris Wheel was Invented in 1893 for the Chicago World’s Fair.
  • The first Ferris Wheel was 264 feet high.
  • The first Ferris Wheel was operated by two 1000 horsepower reversible engines.

Observation Wheel vs. Ferris Wheel

So what is the difference between a ferris wheel and an observation wheel?

The Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, as well as the Coca-Cola London Eye, are considered Observation Wheels, and differ from Ferris Wheels in the following ways:

Observation Wheel
Ferris Wheel

Observation Wheel

•Feature enclosed passenger capsules designed to remain stable throughout the rotation 
•Supported by an A-frame support 
•Offers a 360° unobstructed view

Ferris Wheel

•Feature free-swing passenger gondolas or carriages suspended from the rim 
•Supported by two towers on each side of the axles 
•View can sometimes be obstructed by the wheel itself